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The mission and purposes of the James Lee Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center (SGII Center) are to accelerate and advance the understanding and application of principles of free enterprise to create scalable and sustainable, global societal change.

Student Associates conduct value-add projects and investment research for leading impact investment funds, entrepreneurs, innovative non-profits, and PRI-interested foundations on a free to low-cost basis. By drawing upon the Student Associates at SGII, social investment organizations have access to a unique pool of resources ready to assist with research and analysis across a wide array of categories.

SGII’s expertise allows for organizations to work with us to identify new markets, go-to-market strategies, and increase competitive advantages through projects addressing current market states, industry trends, and major players. SGII has performed in-depth analyses on sectors such as rural supply chains, healthcare, access to energy, mobile money, and many others.

SGII also works with innovative entrepreneurs to scale and grow ventures by working with them to improve their market entrance strategies and asses the strength of their core business operations. SGII has worked directly with businesses all over the world to complete projects around business growth projections, valuation, competitive market positioning, and comprehensive pre-investment screens.

The Policy Innovation Lab is a new and innovative initiative housed within the SGII Center to support, expand, and increase awareness around alternative financing structures for some of the nation’s largest social problems.

Join us for one of our several lunch discussions where we meet with financial advisers, high net-worth individuals, foundations, and government officials to educate on the success of Program Related Investments and impact Investing.

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